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Loaf Soap Bars

We believe in the natural approach in soapmaking. We have a strong passion to create freshly made bars without animal fats, petrochemicals, sodium sulfate, or chemical preservatives. We strive to provide quality bars, customized customer service, and product satisfaction. We trust in the power of the natural soap and will continue to maintain the beautiful craft of soapmaking with love and respect. Cold-process method: Our soaps are all handcrafted by the old-fashioned, cold process method. We start from scratch and choose the various oil combinations to make our soaps. During the cold process method, saponification takes several days to complete, and glycerin, a natural by-product of saponfication, remains in the finished product. The soaps are hand mixed and poured into molds where it stays until they harden. They are hand-cut, before they are ready to use.That is our loaf soap bar


Glycerin: Handmade soaps are rich in natural glycerin. Glycerin is a humectant, a natural occuring substance that draws moisture to itself by absorbing it from the air. It is very moisturizing for the skin and helps the skin retain its natural moisture. Most commercial soap manufacturers remove this valuable glycerin and repackage it in more profitable ways. The removed glycerin is usually replaced with chemical substances such as sodium laurel sulfate or chemical preservatives. Our bars are full of natural glycerin to create mild and moisturizing bars.Our 3d soap bars of diffrent fragrances & styles located here Aliquip adipisicing sunt nostrud magna lorem fugiat aliqua ut amet deserunt amet nostrud dolor eu esse. Sit incididunt eu eiusmod do lorem minim qui officia nostrud irure. Do incididunt ipsum cupidatat dolor Ecologically & vegan friendly: Our handmade soaps are made using quality food grade vegetable oils. We do not use petroleum based products, nor do we incorporate phosphates, detergents, or other harsh chemicals like sodium laurel sulfate. Our soaps are 100% biodegradeable. They are healthy and beneficial for the skin, as well as for the environment. We are cruelty-free and never test on animals. We are green!! But Why Make hand made Soap? One of the pioneers of todayÆs hand made soap making community, Ann Bramson, in her book ôSoapö, says, ôWhere the hard pastel-colored bars sold at the drugstore are anonymous and indifferent, homemade soap has character. It charmsàit smells goodàfeels goodàis comforting in ways which manufactured soap can never be.ö She is so right! If youÆve never tried a bar of real hand made soap, youÆre in for a real treat. If you have tried one, Then you know just how wonderful it is. Privacy policy: The information you submit will not be shared, sold, or rented to any organization or entity. Our policy is important to us, and we will respect the customers privacy. The server we use for credit card processing is 100% safe and secure